A fresh approach to transforming your life.

Maybe you've tried conventional talk therapy to ease your stress, relationship or health problems and left the session feeling worse than before you walked in...

If that's you, you're certainly not alone...

If we simply talk about our problems it's typical to feel all worked up over them, rather than resolving them! Sure, there can be some relief in 'getting them off our chest' but more often than not, we still can't move forward in new productive ways and tend to repeat the same old negative patterns. Perhaps you're relationships never work, you are always broke, or you are always falling ill...or there is a painful past event that you just cannot seem to move on from.

Negative emotions which have not been released stay stuck in our bodies, and cause dis-ease of the mind and body. Put quite simply, if our lives aren't working the way we hoped, despite using all our will power to make positive changes, there is work to do on truly shifting our mindset. Affirm Your Power's mission is to clear you of all that 'emotional baggage' you've been carrying so that you can improve your relationships, live stress-free and improve your health outcomes.

A combination of tools will be used to get to the root cause of your issue and resolve it, so that you are free to greet life with a fresh outlook and can achieve your desired outcomes.

Leave a session feeling energised and empowered instead of drained and overwhelmed!

I look forward to co-creating a life you love.

Cindy Melksham