Space Clearing for Your Home

Space clearing is a process to clean up the energy of your home. If you have a home or work place that does not feel right -  For example, you might feel drained, tired or sick when you're in certain rooms or the whole place just feels stale, the place likely requires a clearing of stuck energy.

Space clearing is particularly important when moving into a house which has had previous tenants and it can support someone living in your home who has been unwell. By ensuring the energy of your home is fresh, peaceful and nurturing, you support everyone who lives in the house.

How does a Space Clearing Session work?

You will have a consultation with Cindy over the phone or in person to discuss your home environment and living situation. Cindy will make a time with you, to come to your home and perform the clearing. The home visit will take up to two hours depending on what's required. Cindy will use a combination of sage and energy techniques throughout your home to clear the space. At the conclusion of the process, Cindy will give you tips to keep the energy in your home healthy.

Cindy burning sage to clear the space of her healing room, before a client session.