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Women’s Stress Release & Meditation Circle

Sunday 20th October 3pm - 4.30pm

Sunday 10th November 3pm - 4.30pm

Sunday 8th December 3pm - 4.30pm

Women’s Stress Release & Meditation Circle is a monthly opportunity to take time out for yourself whilst gathering with a group of like-minded women in a comfortable, intimate setting.

A session may include a guided meditation, journaling, and stress-release activities. Cindy will often share life experiences from her own journey for the benefit of group learning. You will also have the opportunity to share life experiences with the group if you would like to.

No two sessions will be identical as Cindy will share what she feels called to share with the group each month, depending on group dynamics.

These sessions are for you if:
~~ You are seeking greater connection to your intuition
~~You know "there is more to life" but aren't really sure where to begin because you're stuck in a rut
~~ You want more joy and happiness in your life
~~ You want to let go of painful experiences but aren't sure how to do it
~~ You would like to connect to like-minded women in a safe environment.
~~You want to feel calmer and more balanced.
~~ You are ready to enhance your life by taking responsibility
~~You would like to love and accept yourself at a deeper level

Investment: $30

Where: Hearts & Minds Wellness, Level 2, 252 Dorset Road, Boronia

What to bring: A journal and pen.

To book one or more sessions: email

Empowerment for Empaths

Are you an Empath?
Have you been called "too sensitive"?
Perhaps you take on the emotions of others, often to your own detriment or you are easily overwhelmed by crowds?

If you are often weighed down by the emotions and pain of those close to you, or the pain and suffering of the collective, you would benefit from tools and techniques to release the weight of these emotions as well as ways to protect and reset your energy.

Being able to feel deeply, is a gift once you know how to manage it effectively!

Throughout this workshop you will:
Be given the opportunity to reflect on the key people in your life that you spend the most time around (and those you avoid)
Learn how to create healthy boundaries & how to put yourself first
Learn about the power of intention in your interactions & how to shield yourself quickly from absorbing others energy in the moment.
Learn a variety of tools & techniques to re-energise yourself when you've been drained by others
Experience a Protection Meditation for Empaths
Have the opportunity to meet like-minded souls
Learn how to Build Energetic Resilience

Where & When

Sunday 13th October 2pm-3.30pm
Hearts & Minds Wellness
Level 2, 252 Dorset Road Boronia.

Saturday 7th December 2pm-3.30pm
Qi Crystals
743 Glen Huntly Rd, Caulfied South

Investment $33

To book your spot at one of the upcoming Empowerment for Empaths workshops, email

Women’s Empowerment & Soul Nourishment Workshop

This workshop is for women of all ages who want to feel more courageous in making positive life changes in their relationships, careers or pursuing their passion. You will be provided with knowledge and tools to make lasting positive changes, in a nurturing environment with like-minded women.

There will be a focus on stress & anxiety release exercises to leave you feeling calm & balanced.

What will be covered-
How to Build Confidence & Overcome the Fear that Holds You Back.
The Cause of Negative Relationship/Life Patterns and How to Change Them
A Guided Meditation to connect with your intuition for improved clarity in decision-making
Self-reflection & journaling exercises
A Guided Meditation to Balance You
Stress & Anxiety Release Exercises
Talk therapy & Energy Healing - how they can bring about positive change
Learn a simple & effective Meditation technique that you can use anywhere to reduce anxiety.

Snacks & herbal teas will be provided. Please bring your own lunch, notebook/journal.

Investment $125

Sunday 24th November 10.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Milpara Community House,
21 Shellcot Road, Korumburra, Victoria.
To book your spot, please contact Milpara directly on 03 5655 2524.

Sunday 1st December 10.30am-4.30pm
Venue: Hearts & Minds Wellness
Level 2, 252 Dorset Rd, Boronia, Victoria.
To book your spot, please email