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Sunday 19th August 2018

Love Yourself - Heal Your Life

To love the self may sound easy but to embody it, is challenging due to negative self-talk and negative experiences which impact our lives.

Although loving and accepting all parts of ourselves unconditionally may not come easily at first, it is possible with self-awareness to begin to love all of who we are. For many, embracing this concept and taking positive action, signifies the beginning of true change and transformation. The importance of loving ourselves in the present moment and not waiting until our lives are “perfect” will be discussed at this workshop.

Practically applying techniques to love the self, results in a quantum leap in self-acceptance and improves every area of life, including relationships, health and career. Fostering a positive relationship with self is the foundation for having healthy, loving and meaningful relationships with others.

If there are painful life experiences which have taught us that we are unlovable, because we have been hurt, rejected or abandoned, it can become harder to accept ourselves because there is likely an underlying belief there that we are unworthy. However, we are worthy of fulfillment, happiness and abundance regardless of what past hurts have taught us about our self-worth, and with a little effort and willingness to give ourselves the love we may not have yet received from others, we can heal our lives and more easily attain that which we desire. If we are living in a state of habitual self-rejection, it is impossible for our lives to flow in a positive manner.

Cindy’s own experiences of using these techniques will be shared and how the discovery of Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, led her to leave her career in the corporate world to pursuing a life of passion and purpose in helping others to transform their lives. Cindy is a Certified and Licensed Louise Hay "You Can Heal Your Life" Workshop facilitator.

This workshop is for you if you would like to -
~~Learn how to replace self-loathing with self love
~~ Experience a guided meditation where you will have the opportunity to love yourself at different stages throughout your life.
~~Learn the twelve steps to loving the self as developed by Louise Hay and how you can apply them to your life
~~Learn some practical tools to release negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and worry.
~~Experience a guided meditation to connect you with what you really want for your life at a heart level.
~~Overcome fear, procrastination and indecision to move forward with confidence and clarity.
~~Connect with new friends in a safe environment

When: Sunday 19th August. Please arrive at 9.45am for a 10am start.

Where: Qi Crystals, Glenhuntly Rd Caulfied South

What is supplied: Pens, handouts and a notebook will be provided. If you have a journal that you like to use for written exercises on the day, please bring that to the workshop. Raw vegan snacks and herbal teas are provided.

As a special gift from Cindy, each workshop participant is eligible for a half-hour consultation with Cindy to discuss specific issues they would like to address in their life to learn how Cindy can help. This session can be booked post-workshop and is valid for two months after the workshop date.

Investment: $165+booking fee

How to register and make payment: Please email to register

 Souls Sessions with Cindy (women only)

Soul Sessions with Cindy are a monthly opportunity to take time out for yourself whilst gathering with a group of like-minded women in a comfortable, intimate setting.

A session may include a guided meditation, journaling, and stress-release activities such as EFT Tapping. Cindy will often share life experiences from her own journey for the benefit of group learning. You will also have the opportunity to share life experiences with the group if you would like to.

No two sessions will be identical as Cindy will share what she feels called to share with the group each month, depending on group dynamics.

These sessions are for you if:
~~ You are seeking greater connection to your intuition
~~You know "there is more to life" but aren't really sure where to begin because you're stuck in a rut
~~ You want more joy and happiness in your life
~~ You want to let go of painful experiences but aren't sure how to do it
~~ You would like to connect to like-minded women in a safe environment.
~~You want to feel calmer and more balanced.
~~ You are ready to enhance your life by taking responsibility
~~You would like to love and accept yourself at a deeper level

Investment: $30

When: The second Sunday of the month from 3pm-4.30pm

What to bring: A journal and pen aswell as a curious mind and an open heart.

Spaces are limited to 6 women per session. Please contact Cindy if you would like to attends an upcoming session.

Saturday November 10th

Creating Confidence and Calm Within

Would you like to move away from fear, procrastination and indecision into trust, confidence and personal power? This day of empowerment will enable you to do exactly that.

*Learn strategies to overcome fear and anxiety to become more self-confident
*Experience two guided visualisations to heal the past and create the future you desire
*Experience EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to resolve negative emotions which have been holding you back
*Learn to create a balanced life and how that looks for you
*Understand how to make decisions with confidence
*Learn about what is required to have lasting positive change within
*Connect with like-minded people

Where: Qi Crystals, Glenhuntly Rd Caulfied South
What is supplied: Handouts, pen and a notebook. If you have a journal you like to use please bring that along.

Raw vegan treats and herbal tea provided.

Investment: $165+ booking fee.
To register your place please email